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Chef with Tasty Salmon and Tuna 2kg


  • Calcium for Healthy Teeth
  • Protein for Energy and Promoting Muscle Development
  • No Artificial Colours
  • 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • Taurine to Help Support Eye and Heart Health
  • Vitamin E to Help Support Immune Functions

Feeding guide

Cats may be fed according tpo the amounts in the guide below. Chef® Dry cat food is formulated to provide a 100% complete and balanced diet for an adult cat.

Cat weight Recommended grams per day Recommended grams per day
2kg 25g 83g 51g
3kg 33g 112g 66g
4kg 40g 139g 80g
5kg 47g 164g 93g

The above is a guide only and based on average healthy adult cat. Please adjust the serving size according to the cat's age, size, activity level and body condition. If you are unsure, Chef® recommends that you speak to your veterinarian.

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