Chef Feeding Guide

Golden rules of feeding your cat

  • Always have fresh clean drinking water available.

    Water is the most important nutrient for your cat. Having clean, fresh drinking water available, especially if your cat is fed dry food, is one of the most important things you can do for your cat's health.

  • Feed to Condition

    Every cat is different. We base our feeding guides on the average amount of food required by the average cat but things like activity level and metabolism might mean that your cat is different. If the amount of food we are recommending seems very different from what your cat currently eats don't be alarmed, your cat is probably different from the average! The best rule of thumb is to feed to condition - if your cat is in good body condition then the amount of food you are currently feeding is probably correct.

    Please refer to the guide below to check your cat's body condition.

Body Condition chart

Check your cat's body condition and for more information on how to safely reduce your cat's weight.

Body condition chart

  • When changing diets, gradually introduce the new food over a week to ten days

    Changing your cat's food suddenly can cause digestive system upsets. Change the food gradually over 10 days by mixing increasing quantities of the new food with decreasing quantities of the old food.