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Every cat owner knows what a wonderful experience it is to have a four-legged friend in the family. This is where we keep all the helpful hints and fascinating facts about our feline companions!

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Health & Nutrition

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One of the most important things you will need to do as a cat owner is provide a diet for your feline friend that is complete, balanced, and healthy. Cats have very important and specific dietary needs, and healthy weight management will help assure them of a long and happy life.

Healthy weight management  The benefits of wet food  The benefits of dry food 

Games & Toys

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Whether it be a feather on the end of a stick, a ping-pong ball, or just a piece of newspaper lying in the sun, cats love to play! Leaping, pouncing, stalking, slinking, rolling, tumbling, batting or just plain ignoring, everyone loves playing with a cat...

Types of toys  Fun activities 


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Ensuring that your cat has good litter habits will go a long way towards making sure you and your cat are to have a happy life together.

Litter and Litter Boxes  Picking a Location  Litter-box Training  Spraying  Two cats, one Litter Box 

Cat-proof Your Home

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Having a cat is what turns a house into a home. In this section, we look at cat-proofing your home, and home-proofing your cat!

Cat-proofing your home  Home hazards: poisons  Home hazards: physical  A word about safety 

Caring for Kittens

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Kittens are an ever-changing blend of delightful, timid, inquisitive, demanding, affectionate, frustrating, fearless, helpless, energetic, aloof, and sleepy. It’s this mix that makes owning a kitten so wonderful…

Responsible ownership  Taking your kitten home  Arriving home  A good night's sleep 
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