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Types of toys

 Types of toys

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A wand toy can be as simple as a stick with a piece of string attached. Flick your wand toy around to stir your cat into a flurry of activity. Be careful around breakables – you’ll be amazed how high your furry friend can jump!


Some cats can chase a ball around for hours – there are many different types available from ping pong balls, bouncy balls, pom poms, fabric balls and tinsel balls. Screwed up pieces of paper or bottle tops can be a great free toy and when they get lost under the couch you can easily get another.

Dispensing toys

If your furry couch potato needs a bit of encouragement to get some exercising you might want to try a treat dispensing ball – just fill with his favourite dry food or treats and he has to work for his dinner. Make sure you are taking the amount of food out of his rations for the day or you could risk having a very fit cat turn into a furry balloon. You can also try wrapping a small amount of your cat’s very favourite treat in some paper and making them rip their way in to get it.

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