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Litter-box Training

 Litter-box Training

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Kittens will often need to go to the bathroom not long after they have eaten so watch them carefully. If you think your kitten needs to go then pick her up and gently put her in the litter box. Sometimes kittens can be so busy rushing around they can only realise at the last moment that they need to go; it doesn’t hurt to take your kitten to the litter box occasionally just to remind them where it is.

Cats are by nature very clean animals, so it is important to ensure that their litter is also kept clean. Cats may well refuse to use a dirty litter tray. Wash trays out regularly and use plastic or paper to line trays to make clean up easier.

What to do if there is an accident

First things first, clean up the mess. It is very important to clean up well to remove any residual smells which may cause your cat to re-soil the area. Firstly remove any solids and then blot up as much liquid as possible – with liquids on carpet the best way to do this is to place a thick pile of paper towels over the spot and stand on it to press the liquid out of the carpet. Clean out the carpet with a small amount of white vinegar diluted with water to help remove the urine smell. Enzymatic cleaners which can be purchased from vets or pet stores can help in completely removing the odour.

Do not rub your kitty’s nose in the mess. It won’t help them learn right from wrong. Likewise do not tell them off and then put them in their litter tray as they will associate their litter tray with punishment and will be more likely to avoid it in the future. Remember cats can be put off using their litter tray if it is in too busy a spot, if it’s not clean enough or if you have suddenly changed the litter.

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