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Cat-proofing your home

 Cat-proofing your home

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The first rule of cat-proofing your home is: keep the inside in, and the outside out.

In the early days, as your cat becomes used to its new home and bonds with its new family, it is important to make sure they can not get outside.  Once outside, it is very easy for a new cat to run, hide, and eventually become so disoriented that it is unable to find its way back. 

Introduce your cat to its new home one room at a time. Ensure that all doors and windows to the outside of the house are kept closed while the cat is in the room. Make sure that people are vigilant when entering and leaving the room, as kittens and cats are more than capable of making a high-speed dash for an open door if the opportunity presents itself!

The second rule of cat-proofing your home is: accept that it is almost impossible to fully cat-proof your home.

Cats view the world from a much lower point of view than you do, so are likely to see things that escape your attention. They are also extremely flexible, comfortable entering small and enclosed spaces, have no real fear of heights, are extremely agile climbers and are naturally very inquisitive.

Despite your best efforts, introducing a cat into your home is not without its risks. Take comfort in the fact that having a cat as part of your family also brings great rewards, so be prepared to be very patient and forgiving while the cat is young!

The third rule of cat-proofing your home is: assume your cat will potentially go just about everywhere, at least once.

If there is anything you love that could potentially be damaged by being scratched, by falling from its current location, by being gnawed or chewed on, or by having a cat’s weight on top of it, move it out of harm’s way now!

Over time you will gain a clearer idea of where you furry friend will like to climb, roam, or explore, and you will be able to bring back some of your more beloved breakable items with confidence.  However, until your cat has grown familiar with his new home, it is best to be cautious with that irreplaceable glass vase your great Aunt Helen left you in her will, or with those Christmas tree lights…

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